Krishna Stott
Interactive Story Creator

Director - Writer - Producer - Speaker - Consultant

From an early age, I was obsessed with books, music, films and games...

Nowadays I’m obsessed with interactive storytelling and media innovation. (Focusing on the AUDIENCE..!)

As I grew up, my obsession manifested itself into stories, initially as films and videos, but as digital technology became universal in the 90’s, I threw myself down the rabbit hole of interactive media in search of new ideas and opportunities.

I spent 10 years experimenting and as the world got online, backed by my work in traditional “linear” media, I found new ways to engage modern audiences.

At the other end of this decade I won 2 Webby Awards (Oscars of the Internet) for my interactive film, Crimeface.

This led me to set up the company Bellyfeel which led to work with the BBC, Terence Davies, Hurricane Films, Circle Economy, Northern Film and Media and many UK and European Universities.

Through my work with Bellyfeel, I take the roles of Director, Producer and Writer on projects.

I also consult to companies and Universities on audiences and engagement issues.

The work I do touches on various subjects and areas of specialisation:

  • Interactive Storytelling

  • Transmedia

  • Storyworld Development

  • Social TV

  • Games

  • Geo-location Technology

  • Social Media

  • EdTech

  • E-Learning

  • Virtual Reality

  • Augmented Reality

  • Interactive Video

I help raise funding. (£2.5 million to date for interactive projects.)

I speak at conferences, media festivals and at Universities. See a list of engagements here.

I wrote and published my first book book in 2015.

I’m currently NOT writing the follow up, though I really should be...